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Суралцагчдын үнэлгээнд SuperQuiz-г ашиглах нь (Мэдээлэл харилцааны технологи хичээлийн жишээн дээр).

Хэвлэлийн нэр: “Лавай” МУБИС-ийн эрдэм шинжилгээний бичиг

Зохиогч:  Ц.Нямсүрэн

Хамтран зохиогч: [Г.Ганбаяр:M.IT09]

Хэвлүүлсэн огноо: 2018-01-30

Хуудас дугаар: 50-53

Өгүүллийн хураангуй:


As ICT has been developing rapidly lately, it has become necessary and important to assess students’ knowledge at both teachers’ and students’ convenience, saving time. Although students have always been informed their grades both on paper and online, it is still a little complicated to see which areas students should improve most or to analyze each questionnaire on an exam. Fortunately, the solution to these problems has been found thanks to Google form and Super quiz. As an experiment, we used it for the progress assessment and conducted a survey among students.

Our goal was to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the use of these tools:

-          To influence positively in the learning process or not

-          Teachers of other secondary schools and universities use these tools or not to use.

-          What are the advantages and disadvantages for both teacher and student?

In this survey, 15 lecturers of School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and over 300 students who are studying at the 1st course of MNUE and are learning Information Technology in this semester are involved.

This paper is going to introduce the findings of this research which we analyzed.

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Өгүүлэл нэмсэн: Ц.Нямсүрэн